April 30, 2012

Behind the scenes

No doubt about it! Last week was an amazing, crazy, fun-filled week. I’m happy to report that most of my weeks take on these qualities (if I can help it), but appearing on not one, but two national TV shows (The Today Show and Extra) really put a fun spin on things. As most of you know, I was making appearances to help support the release of my friend Joy Bauer’s new book, Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration, which I am featured in (along with a bunch of other amazing people who have similar success stories).

Although I’ve already posted video from The Today Show appearance and have shared some of the great advice from some of the amazing people that appeared with me, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the goings on.

First up? Some memories from my most recent Today Show appearance:

It was a rainy day in New York City – but no amount of raindrops could dampen my spirits
(especially since my veins were now filled with black coffee!)

Here I am – just outside of The Today Show studios at Rockefeller Center

Hey look, everyone! I’ve just arrived at The Today Show!

I didn’t waste anytime getting in front of the camera with the beautiful
(and zany) Joy Bauer!
Luckily, she’s learned to humor me when it
comes to picture time. I’m worse than the paparazzi!

It was my honor to meet and spend time with Rose (“Rosie”) Coates.
She’s another Joy Fit Club member who is featured in the book.

Who says you can’t pick up a little Joy when you want to?

Here’s Rosie again – this time with Johannah, an amazing,
beautiful person who works very closely with Joy

Rosie couldn’t resist rushing Hoda once we were on set. And Hoda didn’t mind one bit!

Here I am with Jamie (another Joy Fit Club member) and Rosie.
Although the three of us met just before the show, there was an instant bond.
These two women’s energy levels are amazing! Instant love fest!

My friend Sally got this great “Behind-the-scenes” pic taken while we were live on the air!

Sally (who always has a fabulous manicure) holds up the notecards that the
hosts used during the show. I saw them lying around after the segment
and asked Joy if I could grab them. After her nod of approval, I did just that!

After the taping, the love fest continued! We had about 3 different cameras
going off at once (so none of us were quite sure where to look
while the cameras were flashing).

I couldn’t resist getting this shot with Johannah. Although we’ve been emailing
one another for years, this was the first time we actually got to meet in person.

One more group shot before heading our separate ways.
And yes, parting was definitely full of sweet sorrow.
Although I’m happy to report we’re all still in touch via email!


And now for some memories from the set of Extra:

The first part of the taping involved Maria Menounos interviewing Joy.

Gotta hold up Joy’s fab new book! (Thanks, Maria!)

Careful, Maria! Don’t cover up my picture on the front cover! (Ha!)

Along with reuniting with Joy during the same week, I got to meet
Maria (who was really warm and welcoming – and had a love fest with
my puppy, Latte, who I brought to the shoot). I also got to meet Gina,
another member of Joy’s Fit Club. Gina has such an amazing, inspirational story.
And she’s a really great person to get to know, as well.

As you can tell, if there’s an opportunity to pose with Joy, I’m gonna grab it (and her)!

Joy spends some quality time with Latte, who earlier in the day “made out” with
Maria (no, I’m not kidding – the two of them were exchanging kisses for a good 5 minutes).

All together now: Awwwwwww!

One more tidbit to share: While walking with Joy to her limousine, we were accosted by the TMZ cameras. I use the term “We” loosely, since they were interested in Joy and only Joy. But that doesn’t mean that Latte and I didn’t stand as close as possible to her while she was being interviewed by them. It really was the perfect capper to an amazing, Hollywood-like week.

Here’s one of the paparazzi shots making the rounds online:

Hey, look! First time I was caught by the paparazzi! This shot (of Joy) taken by the
paparazzi features not only my foot, but also Latte. Hey, it’s a start, right?! LOL!
(And seriously, what is the woman in the background doing groping herself?!)

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the behind-the-scenes scoop! You guys were definitely “with” me in my thoughts during both television appearances!

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  1. SusanK says:

    Great week in review Gregg! Thanks for bringing your guests behind the scenes. Great shots and great shoes – sorry I meant Joy, not you Gregg 🙂 Not even going there on the grope thing…

  2. Gregg says:

    Even I must admit that Joy’s shoes are much more sensational than mine, Susan! 😀

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