Gregg’s Latest Book Is Here! From the back cover: Gregg McBride was always determined to make it big — although not quite this literally. By the time he was a young adult, Gregg McBride topped the scales at over 450 pounds and wore a sixty-inch belt. Pretending airline seatbelts fit across his belly, eating out of the trash to cheat on his diets, and working as an overweight stripper are just some of the misadventures Gregg endured as he continually tried to win his battle of the bulge. It was only when Gregg took an inward journey that he was able to free himself from his food addiction and take off more than 250 pounds of excess weight, which he’s kept off for over a decade.  Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking in its honesty Weightless is a tale of “food gone wrong” that chronicles the before, the during, and the after in a way no other book has, and will move, educate, entertain, and inspire anyone who is ready for change.

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Completely Revised & Updated! From the back cover: Good news! Despite what the commercial diet industry might want you to believe, losing unhealthy excess weight is easy. Popular blogger and author Gregg McBride took off more than 250 pounds within one year—without surgery, pills or fads. And he’s kept it off for over a decade. Now you can achieve your own version of success. It all begins with your commitment to yourself. And with this simple, easy to incorporate eating plan and lifestyle, you have the potential to live your life to its fullest—while looking and feeling as good as you deserve to. This completely revised and updated plan includes Just Stop Eating So Much! Meal Ideas, Recipes and Eating Guidelines, Exercise Tips and Guidelines, Dining Out Strategies and Vacation Tips, Advice on Having Your Cake and Eating It, too, Success Tracker, Food Diary and Shopping List, Strategies to Help Beat the “Cheating” Mentality, Stress Busters, Self-Esteem Building Ideas, Motivation Techniques, and more!

Just Stop Eating So Much! Completely Revised & Updated is available in all print and all e-book formats. You can currently get it in book form or for Kindle at Amazon by clicking here

An eBook version of Just Stop Eating So Much! Completely Revised & Updated is also available from iTunes and iBooks by clicking here

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