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December 30, 2019

Making time for you

11:46 am - Posted by Gregg

As the end of one year (and decade) draw to a close, remember to take time for yourself. You matter.

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10:28 am - Posted by Gregg

As we countdown to not only a new year, but also a new decade, perhaps we can find ways of setting boundaries that lift ourselves without putting down others. The fact of the matter is, you, your goals. your peace of mind and your well being all matter. And if you don’t make them a priority, no one else will either.

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3:59 pm - Posted by Gregg
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July 14, 2017

Live a little

12:40 pm - Posted by Gregg

One of the reasons I love this quote by Oscar Wilde is that it reminds us to be present and live in the moment. Too often those of us with a dieter’s mentality “punish” ourselves by thinking we don’t deserve to live life to its fullest potential even before we reach our goal weight. And yes, living life out loud (AKA being happy, doing what you want to do and even eating what you want to eat) can actually bring us closer to our goal weight than denial can.

And yes, you read “eating what you want to eat” correctly. The trick is to not eat too much of it. And before you poo-poo this idea, why not try it out at least once or twice? Sometime this weekend, you can walk into your favorite ice cream shoppe and order one single scoop of your favorite flavor. Do it with a friend or two. Then eat it slowly, one scrumptious bite at a time. You can even lick the cup it comes in (I won’t tell). Then, don’t have ice cream for the rest of the weekend. See what you did there? You ate something decadent without hurting your psyche, without harming your body and without deterring your overall goals of reaching a lighter, healthier weight. You can have what you’re craving as long as you have it in smaller portion sizes.

Similarly, you can try online dating, you can take a class that might lead to a new career, you can audition for community theatre or even buy a new favorite outfit. So what if the outfit comes in a size that will require you to donate or sell it in the near future? This moment is all we (you!) have. So why not live it to its full potential?

You are perfect now. You are beautiful now. You are amazing and your life is full of possibilities now. This doesn’t have to mean you don’t eat healthfully, exercise often, drink plenty of water and get enough rest to help your body reach your goal weight. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t live life in the interim either.

So read the quote above as often as you need to. Download the meme and save it as your “lock screen wallpaper” on your phone. Remind yourself as often as you need to that you don’t deserve to be punished and don’t have to put off anything you’re dreaming of just because you’re carrying around a few extra pounds.

Live. Laugh. Love. And enjoy that single scoop of ice cream (or whatever) every now and then. You deserve it.

Photo Source: Pinterest

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12:34 pm - Posted by Gregg

Seasonal Exercise Ideas
(Or your scale does at least!)

Yes… The holiday season often means more social obligations, more eating occasions and longer to-do lists. But that doesn’t have to mean we stop moving – even if we can’t always make it to the gym for our usual workout.

Here are a few ways to incorporate movement and exercise into your holiday routines. Feel free to invite friends and family to participate. Remember: The more you move, the more calories you burn. And at this time of year, that’s usually a good thing!

Seasonal Tips for Staying Fit:

No time for your daily 30-minute power walk? Break it up! Take a 10-minute walk after breakfast, another after lunch and then one after dinner. 10 x 3 = 30 minutes!

Stuck at the mall? Park your car in the farthest spot from the entrance so walking becomes part of your shopping trip. Also feel free to walk around the mall a couple times to add even more movement to your day. And whenever possible, take the stairs – even if you’re going up to the third or fourth level of a mall (or parking garage).

Volunteer to walk the dog or (or even take out the trash) when visiting family and/or friends.
Looking for a great way to workout without a gym? Shovel snow or rake leaves!

What are ways that you keep moving when you can’t make it to the gym during this busy season? Share your tips with the rest of us below, in the comments section.

Photo Source: Bariatric Cookery

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