When I first heard about Dunkin’ Donuts new glazed donut breakfast sandwich, I thought it was some kind of joke — until I came across countless news stories, all of which also called into question the company’s unleashing this sugar- and fat-laden breakfast sandwich that some might potentially nickname “The pre heart-attack special.”

According to the CBS affiliate in Boston, the sandwich (which comes with fried eggs and bacon squeezed between a split glazed donut) clocks in at 360 calories, which (as pointed out by CBS Boston) is ironically less than the 390-calorie turkey sausage sandwich that Dunkin’ Donuts recently introduced for people looking for healthier menu options.

Becoming part of Dunkin’ Donuts regular menu as of June 7th (National Donut Day to those in the know), many ponder the audacity of the company (based in Canton, Massachusetts) introducing such a decadent entry given the nation’s recent push toward food options that make for healthier choices.

Remember, breakfast is about “breaking the fast” between dinner and a good night’s sleep. Healthy breakfast foods are meant to give us energy and help invigorate us as we start our day — not make us want to take a nap or (worse yet) contribute to clogging our arteries.

When visiting the Dunkin’ Donuts website, I read that, according to Chef San Frankethaler, “Based on all of the buzz and positive responses we received during testing, we knew we wanted to offer this nationwide and to be able to give it to our guests just in time for National Donut Day. The Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich was able to move fairly quickly because we are using ingredients that are currently on our menu. We had to train our crew members on constructing the sandwich — slicing the donut, adding the fried egg and bacon.”

Um… Okay…

So upon further analysis, yes — the glazed donut breakfast sandwich does seem to be some kind of a joke. Only problem is, if we’re buying and consuming breakfast items like this, the joke just might be on us (not to mention on our health).

What is your take on this new concoction? Would you order it once just to try it one time? Make it part of your daily or weekly routine? Do tell. I’ll be the one happily eating (and enjoying) my all-natural cereal with a sliced banana and 2% low fat milk while listening.

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5 Responses to “Dunkin’ Donuts has got to be kidding”

  1. Susan says:

    Will not be trying even one time…bleeccchhht

  2. Gregg says:

    I’m with you, Susan! 😀

  3. Teresa says:

    It sounds gross. I think I’ll stick with my fruit, scrambled eggs or yogurt and FiberOne. One of the problems with freedom is that companies can sell whatever unhealthy crap that people will buy. Companies used to believe in providing something good to their customers but now it’s all about the $$$$. Very sad. It is one of the negatives of capitalism. The only way to battle it is for people like Gregg to spread the word about how unhealthy this is. I love that in NYC we have the calorie counts next to the item. Several times I have gotten my coffee at Dunkin Donuts and thought: “That glazed creation looks good” and then I see 380 calories and leave with only my coffee.

  4. Gregg says:

    I like the way you see things, Teresa. You have such a good handle on all this. I love your shares (and your insights) and appreciate your posts very much!

  5. Erin Wagner says:

    Stumbled upon this site and first, thank you, for creating it and the interesting and educational items you share. I’m constantly looking for inspiration in my own good health quest and this article made me so sad. Far too many people will eat this crap and then be further fueled for more unhealthy eating by the sugar rush and fall that will certainly come.

    But yes, I do have a choice and I will choose not to eat this way.

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