February 11, 2015

Fruit to the rescue

Although I’m not a big believer in detoxing in general, this handy chart demonstrates how easy it can be to create beverages with some nutritional value that aren’t loaded with sugars or additives. This fun and tasty combinations just might help make a hectic day calmer, while also possibly helping your immune system. So drink up — and enjoy!

Do you have your own tried-and-true fruit infused beverages that you make? Or have you added your own twist to one of the combinations suggested above? If so, please share your ideas below. Thanks!

Photo Source: Physician’s Preference

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One Response to “Fruit to the rescue”

  1. Helen G says:

    Hello, I agree that water is so important. I use Teafresco . It is a natural flavored tea concentrate that I add to my water. It has no sugar and delicious !

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