Do you feel frustrated with dieting, losing weight, and keeping it off? Are you sick and tired of seeing short-term results only to gain back any weight that you lose?

Are you exhausted from the emotional ups and downs that always follow an emotional eating outburst, or do you always end up “cheating” on your diet because of the constant tinge of hunger that goes along with deprivation and starvation? 

There is a better way to weight loss, and that’s… The right way.  And it definitely doesn’t include depriving yourself, spending hours on the treadmill, beating yourself up, or buying the newest pill, shake, or diet plan. 

No matter how long you’ve been struggling, the battle against food, dieting, and weight loss doesn’t have to be the story of your life – and right now I’d like to invite you to a free event that will show you how to rewrite your story.

My friend and colleague Lisa Goldberg, a nutritionist and weight loss coach, invited me to present at The Right Way to Weight Loss Summit, a free online event where nutritionists, doctors, fitness experts, psychologists, coaches, therapists, and other transformational health experts will gather for 12 straight days to share the latest of their tips, tools, strategies and so much more! 

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This isn’t just another “diet discussion” that will tell you about what you can and can’t eat or how much you should exercise to see results. 

This event is focused on debunking all the unhealthy weight loss myths you’ve been told, changing your mindset around food and weight loss so that you can end the struggle with emotional eating, life-long yo-yo dieting, or those last few pounds that just won’t come off. 

You’ll discover why you keep sabotaging your efforts and how to stop…how to exercise so that you actually get results…what your childhood and past experiences have to do with your weight…how to use your female cycle to your advantage…how to win against your cravings (hint…it’s not willpower!) …how to lose fat even if you’re dealing with menopause, thyroid disorders, or Type 2 Diabetes…and more! 

Losing weight doesn’t have to be so difficult, and you CAN have the body and life you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is register for this online event to get started.

Here’s the best part… Because I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker this year, I get to invite whoever I want to the event…100% free of charge. That means you and anyone else in your life can access this information.

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We start on November 1st! 

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