October 9, 2012

Here, kitty-kitty

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Years ago, when columnist Liz Smith recently reported on the death of Kitty Carlisle Hart (1910 – 2007), she called the performer (who was in her 90s at the time of her death), “The most beautiful, most glamorous performer [who] had the best legs ever seen in show biz..”

Smith went onto report on Kitty Carlisle Hart’s “best gift to her fans”: “[It] was the psychological advice she followed herself. Every morning she looked in her mirror and said, “Kitty, I forgive you,” before she started her day.”

This is great stuff for anyone looking to reinvent themselves – and a reminder that no matter what happened yesterday (cheating on your diet, maybe?), that today is a new day. Don’t over analyze things. Don’t stress out.

“Forgiveness does not change the past,
but it does enlarge the future.”

Paul Boese 

Don’t trap yourself in the past. There’s no way to go back and un-do what’s already transpired – whether it’s an argument, a decisions or an over indulgence that’s left us feeling sad (or stuffed!) the next day. What we have is now. This moment. Nothing more. So why cloud all of our possibilities with regret or anger? Instead of reliving things we wish we’d done differently, let’s try following Kitty Carlisle Hart’s good advice and forgive ourselves (or even others) and move on!

“Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle
of resentment and retaliation”

Roberto Assagioli  

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2 Responses to “Here, kitty-kitty”

  1. Marc says:

    Excellent post! I could have used this info decades ago. It would have saved me years and years of wasted resentment and hard feelings over very trivial and petty grivances in retrospect. Looking forward all I can do it try and be the best person I can be today and hope to be a better person tomorrow.

  2. Gregg says:

    Great comment and insights, Marc. Thank you for posting (and for reading)!

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