Author, blogger and screenwriter Gregg McBride and the entire Just Stop Eating So Much! community extend a special welcome to new visitors to the blog.

As a special gift for those of you who are participating and, perhaps, listened to Gregg McBride speak about his own journey to mindfulness, you can download this e-book, Just Stop Mindless Eating! A Guide to Using Mindful Eating to Release Unhealthy Excess Weight While Reconnecting with Self-Worth. You can access and download the PDF of the e-book by clicking here.

If you’d like to know more about Gregg and his journey to wellness, click here

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To purchase Gregg’s latest book, Weightless: My Life As a Fat Man and How I Escaped, on Amazon, click here. For the Amazon Kindle version, click here.

To purchase Weightless: My Life As a Fat Man and How I Escaped on Barnes&Noble, click here

An eBook version of Weightless: My Life As a Fat Man and How I Escaped is also available from iTunes and iBooks by clicking here

NookKindle and other ebook versions of Weightless are also available (as are good, old fashioned paperback copies!)



Gregg’s first book, Just Stop Eating So Much! Completely Revised & Updatedis available in all print and all e-book formats. You can currently get it in book form or for Kindle at Amazon by clicking here

An eBook version of Just Stop Eating So Much! Completely Revised & Updated is also available from iTunes and iBooks by clicking here


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