October 16, 2013

Mouthing off

Recently, a friend told me about a writeup she read written by someone who had their mouth wired shut in order to lose weight. I couldn’t believe any of what my friend told me was true… Until she shared the link.

In this writeup, the author chronicles how she just “can’t stop eating” and claims that she’s “too lazy/overweight to exercise.” Thus she looked up a website for a dentist who wires mouths shut (and then details how she paid for the procedure with credit that she applied for online).

While I appreciate the writer’s honesty and candor, I have to question her reasoning.

It seems to me that wiring your mouth shut will never work for permanent, healthy weight loss given that it doesn’t address the real issue of wanting/needing to lose weight. Too often we try to cure our life’s weight loss struggle through surgery (gastric bypass for the stomach) or mouth (wiring jaws shut) when, in reality, the real issues are in our head.

The mind (and our thinking) is the place we need to investigate. The place we need to spend time. The place we need to heal.

Sure, the writer of this piece¬†who had her mouth wired shut promises that she will exercise and work to maintain the weight loss once she’s reached her goal of fitting into a size 10 dress. But what about learning sane and healthy eating habits? Too often when we go to extremes (like being “on” or “off” a diet — to say nothing of wiring one’s mouth shut), we are setting ourselves up for failure. To truly attain and maintain a healthy weight, we need a life long plan — not a temporary one.

There’s a reason we label something like wiring your mouth shut for dieting purposes as “Extreme.” That’s because extreme is exactly what these kind of things are.

Am I being too harsh? Am I not seeing something in the author’s prose? Is this something some of you would even remotely consider? I promise to keep my mouth closed (sans wires) if you’ll be kind enough to share your opinion.

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2 Responses to “Mouthing off”

  1. Too Damn Big says:

    Just to give you the other side’s POV: I’m getting my jaw wired shut to lose weight. I have absolutely no energy, I’m over 400 lbs, and walking for more than 1-2 minutes generates searing lower back pain. This isn’t the entire plan, this is to force me to strip off 60 or so pounds. I believe such a start will give me a fighting chance to get to regular excercise. I can work out in the Y pool, the problem is getting to the pool from the parking lot without going nearly blind from the pain. It doesn’t help any that when I’m changing or in the pool the life guards watch me like Hawks for fear of me “over exerting” myself, or the fact that once I’m returning home that I invariably sleep about 10 hours from the workout.

    Yes, it took a long time to get here. No I sure as hell don’t expect sympathy or understanding (I expect the absolute opposite from the general population, in fact). But this is how I’m starting my repair work and nuts to you if you don’t like it or think you have a right to “correct” my choices.

    Said with all due respect, and with congratulations to you for your successes… Let’s see if you can back me while I aim for mine

  2. Gregg says:

    Our paths to wellness will always be individual paths. I appreciate you sharing your perspective and hope you will keep us posted on how it goes. I wish you the very, very best!!!

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