November 23, 2011

One meal = no big deal

No matter how long we’ve been waging the battle of the bulge, one thing is certain: One meal didn’t make us fat. Yet as dieters, we obsess over Thanksgiving for days or even weeks ahead of time. The fact is, if you enjoy yourself during that one, single meal, it won’t hurt your weight loss efforts one bit.

The key is to stay committed to your healthy eating plan before the big Turkey Day meal and to get back on your plan the minute the meal is over.

No gratuitous snacking.

No “long weekend off.”

It’s simple : One meal. Enjoyed. ‘Nuff said.

(And a little extra exercise before or after won’t hurt either!)

Be sure and let me know how you do. I really do care! (Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!)

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