July 26, 2012

Standing tall

Did you know both the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) have declared May to be an official month for good posture? Sure, we’re a little past May at this point. But standing and sitting tall is as good for your inner health as it is for your outward appearance – making this an appropriate reminder for anytime of year (and believe me, I need just as much reminding to ‘Stand up straight’ as anyone!).

In fact, if you stand tall and sit tall, you’ll appear as much as 10-pounds thinner. You also exude extra confidence and self-worth, upping the “attractor factor.”

Think about it… People you see with good posture (whether seated or standing) just seem to have it more together than the people walking around in a slump. Take the initiative to reach for the stars by reminding yourself several times throughout the day to stand or sit tall. Look in a mirror to help you know how it “feels” to use correct posture. It takes some getting used to – but is definitely worth the effort. Other ways to improve personal posture include trying yoga, Pilates or other stretching and strengthening exercises, as recommended by your doctor.

For 10 do-able tips for improving your posture, click here.

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