March 12, 2013

Success is contagious

I’m thrilled when people reach out and make contact – either through the contact page on this blog or through Twitter or the Just Stop Eating So Much! facebook page.

One of the beautiful things about being in touch with readers and fellow (and female!) dieters like you is that when it comes to inspiration, it’s definitely a two-way street. I am always motivated and inspired by the people I hear from – whether they’re facing a challenge or sharing a success story.

I recently received an email from 17-year old Trisha and was filled with said inspiration. After reading (and re-reading) her words of triumph, I quickly contacted her to see if she would mind me sharing her wonderful and inspiring words with you. And I’m happy to report that she was more than happy to share her story with others. So without further ado, here’s the email I received from Trisha:

“You are such an inspiration! You gave me hope that I could get healthy, too. I’m 17 years old, and as of December 1st, I was 437 pounds. Today is March 1st, just 3 months later, and I am now 377! 60 POUNDS GONE IN 3 MONTHS! All from eating less and only eating healthy foods, and exercise. Not even any crazy work out plans! Just walking every evening. I never could have done any of this if I hadn’t heard your story and been inspired. I plan on continuing this path to getting healthy, and maybe someday I can do for someone what you have done for me.  Thank you so much!”

Besides having an attitude that shines bright, I love that Trisha has put together a plan that is working for her (and her lifestyle) – while incorporation the basic tenants of losing weight in a healthful fashion:

   • Eating Less

   • Moving (Exercising) More

   • Getting Plenty of Rest

   • Drinking Lots of Water

Trisha is a reminder to us all that any goal can be reached – and that the “end goal” isn’t necessarily what it’s all about. Whether we’ve lost a half pound or more of excess weight, that number (and triumph) is worth celebrating – no matter how many more pounds-to-lose we have ahead of us. It’s all about living in the now, loving ourselves as we are in this moment and enjoying the journey toward lasting health.

Do you have a success story, pictures or even a challenge that you’d like to share or have me respond to publicly? If so, please reach out and tell me – no, tell us – your story. Whether we’re working to lose the excess weight or working to keep the excess weight we’ve lost off permanently, we’re all in this together.

(Thanks again, Trisha! Please continue to keep us posted on your journey and know that we’re all behind you every step of – and pound on – the way!)

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  1. Micky says:

    Way to go, Trisha!!! Keep it up! You rock!

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