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September 18, 2013

Rockstar Dieting Tip #3

12:04 pm - Posted by Gregg

Today’s Rockstar Dieting Tip has to do with appearance. As dieters, we’re too often focused on what we’ll look like after we’ve taken off all the excess weight we want to get rid of. When actually it’s just as important for us to do everything we can to look good at this moment — no matter how much we currently weigh.

Rockstar Dieting Tip #3 — Stop Wearing Baggy Clothing
When dieting, we tend to wear very loose clothing, thinking it masks our layers of blubber — when actually the loose clothes make us look like we’re walking around in a circus tent. It’s not attractive and leaves us feeling lousy about our appearance. No matter how much you weight now — and no matter how much you want to lose — go out and buy some fitted, attractive, snugly comfortable clothes and start wearing them when out on the town. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your shape as it is today, in this very moment. The self-esteem you gain from looking good will ultimately help you take the unwanted excess weight off once and for all. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we’ll care about making positive changes.

As overweight people, we’ve been taught to wear loose-fitting clothing. But at the end of the day, it’s really not doing us any favors and these clothes are actually making us look bigger than we really are.

When I weighed over 450 pounds, I used to wear the biggest shirts I could find (thinking that if they looked “loose” it would come off as more attractive). And I almost never wore “real” pants — instead donning sweat-style pants that didn’t have any kind of waist. Not only was this not an attractive look, it also left me unaware of what my body felt like in real clothes, thus giving me a false perception of what it feels like to wear snug or fitting clothing. And let’s face it, when clothes are more fitted, we’re reminded of the girth we want to lose. And that extra motivation doesn’t hurt.

Feeling good about yourself (even at your current weight) is only going to lead to caring more about yourself and, therefore, caring enough to take steps to ensure you reach your health-related goals. So go ahead, go online, go to a certain store, go to a place where you can buy the trendiest outfit possible for your current size and wear it with pride.

After all, you’re a supermodel right now (in this very moment). Work it.

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September 28, 2011

Meet my perm

9:29 am - Posted by Gregg

Growing up heavy (okay, fat), I quickly learned the best way to pose for pictures. After all, I knew I was fat, but on some weird level, I must have thought I could hide it (or at the very least minimize it) by positioning myself behind people, furniture or walls.

I’m not sure what, exactly, I thought I was hiding. In retrospect, I guess I was really hiding from myself. After all, I wasn’t being honest with myself in regard to the amount of food (and therefore calories) I was consuming at the time. So why would I be honest with myself about my actual girth?

It’s for this reason that I marvel at the series of pictures taken at my heaviest weight. I knew I wanted to document all 450+ pounds of me as I began my 5,000th (10,000th?) attempt to get rid of the excess weight once and for all. But I’m still surprised that I not only posed people-, furniture- and wall-free, but even appeared without my shirt in one of the shots (stretch marks and all). Of course, these days I’m glad I was brave enough to pose for these pictures. They not only remind me of where I’ve been, but also of where I never want to ‘go’ again.

But there’s something about these photographs (taken when I was at my heaviest) that I find even more fascinating than my size 60-inch waist. Look closely at these shots and you’ll see I had a ‘perm’ in my hair. (And no, I didn’t lose a bet – this is a perm I not only paid for, but wanted.) And it’s this perm from my past that makes me laugh hysterically and cry tears of joy at the same time.

Before going public with my book and blog, I would only show my “Before Pictures” to a precious few. And if I would trot them out, I’d quickly point out the perm in my hair, noting that I was more embarrassed about getting a perm than I was about having boobs that would fit into many of my girlfriends’ bras (and yes, we tried once or twice).

But looking back on the perm, I must applaud my 450+-pound self. At that weight, I was terrified to go out into public and would often even food shop only at night or use only drive-thru windows at fast food restaurants in order to come into contact with as few people as possible. So the fact that I went to my hair stylist and ordered up a perm for something fresh and funky (emphasis on the funky) lets me know that even at 450+ pounds, I had not given up all hope of being part of the human race.

I remember always having a good head of hair on my head. As I kid, I was a sprightly red head, who soon evolved into having more of an auburn color mop top. I remember even at my heaviest that women would sometimes approach me and ask hopefully if my hair was colored and, if so, what hair colorist I went to. (They were usually disappointed when I told them it was all natural.) I suppose that these queries gave me hope at the time. It helped me to realize there was at least one thing about my physical appearance that I could work with in order to try and put my best foot forward.

Fact is, at 450+ pounds I was running out of clothing choices. I couldn’t even find many pant options at my local Big and Tall Stores (my waist had gotten that big). Thus, I’d taken to wearing sweatpants and one of two oversize t-shirts (sold as novelty shirts) that I could fit into. My fashion options had become virtually nonexistent. But damnit, I could control my head of hair. And I was gonna do so by getting a perm, which I guess was in style at the time. So even though I wanted to hide in my apartment for fear of being judged, I went to my salon of choice and ordered up some tightly wound curls.

Look at me, world! My hair is permed! Woohoo! (Now, someone point me to the nearest auditions for the next community theatre production of “Annie.”)

Funny. Sweet. And a little heartbreaking.

But solid proof that I hadn’t completely given up on life. And it’s that ‘not giving up’ that eventually brought me to the point of caring enough about my appearance (and health) to shed my 250 excess pounds and keep it off once and for all.

If you know someone fighting obesity, or if, perhaps, you’re battling it yourself, what do you do for your physical appearance that could compare to my perm? Do you always make sure your nails are manicured? Do you make sure that your hair always looks good? Or are you do you have a shoe collection that would make Imelda Marcos jealous?

Whatever it is, that’s your proof that you care about your appearance (or that your friend cares about his or hers). And this ‘proof of caring’ can be the first step toward committing yourself to lasting and permanent change when it comes to other matters like losing weight and/or getting healthier.

So no matter what goal you have ahead of you (even if it’s a goal that you haven’t quite committed to yet), think about how you can affect your life (and your self-esteem) today. This moment is all you have. So do something that boosts your ego and adds a little pep to your step. These small enhancements can fuel your dreams of achieving all of your goals, whether health or appearance related.

It’s all about showing faith in yourself and making an effort in the present moment. And if I can do it – even with a perm – then you can, too. Isn’t it time you made a perm-anent commitment – to yourself? (If so, please let me know!)

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