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November 5, 2014

Must read article

1:52 pm - Posted by Gregg

Just came across a really helpful article that many of you might want to check out! Kristin Kirkpatrick (MS, RD, LD) writes about 7 Diet Foods That Kill Your Diet — and I couldn’t agree with Ms. Kirkpatrick more. In this article she details the pitfalls of Vitamin Drinks, Diet Soda, Commercially-Purchased Smoothies, Trail Mix, Frozen Diet Dinners, Fiber & Protein Bars and Fat-Free Sweets — all of which do not have your health’s best interest at heart. And yet the commercial diet and commercial food industries (read: for profit industries) have been trying to fool us into thinking these selections are, indeed, diet friendly. Nope. Not by a long shot. And Ms. Kirkpatrick’s helpful, informative article quickly details why. To read her insightful piece on the Cleveland Clinic‘s website, click here.

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