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April 3, 2017

Quick tip

11:27 am - Posted by Gregg

I love treating myself at restaurants that use clean, organic ingredients and serve even decedent foods in healthy portion sizes (along with fresh fruit or vegetables). Pictured here is one of my recent breakfast meals: A Belgian Waffle with Berries and Cream at Le Pain Quotidien. (And no, this is not a paid endorsement!)

Bonus round when I can walk to and from the restaurant (in addition to other exercise I’ve already done or will do on the same day). This quick tip is proof that even those of us watching our (or trying to lose some) weight can live life to the fullest even when working toward our best selves!

Photo Source: @GreggMcBride/Instagram

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February 11, 2015

Fruit to the rescue

1:32 pm - Posted by Gregg

Although I’m not a big believer in detoxing in general, this handy chart demonstrates how easy it can be to create beverages with some nutritional value that aren’t loaded with sugars or additives. This fun and tasty combinations just might help make a hectic day calmer, while also possibly helping your immune system. So drink up — and enjoy!

Do you have your own tried-and-true fruit infused beverages that you make? Or have you added your own twist to one of the combinations suggested above? If so, please share your ideas below. Thanks!

Photo Source: Physician’s Preference

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January 15, 2015

Fruit loops

2:05 pm - Posted by Gregg

Ever wonder what a single (read: healthy) portion of fruit looks like? This handy chart takes away the guess work. Fruit, while being great for you, should (like any other food) be eaten in proper portion sizes. The more reasonable we are with our portion control across the board, the better eaters (and the healthier) we become — no matter what we happen to be munching on. So take a moment to review the chart and then continue to make the kind of eating choices that add to your health, rather than detract from it.

Photo Source: Photos by Grace Hitchcock for PopSugar via Pulptastic

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November 6, 2013

Rockstar Dieting Tip #6

10:26 am - Posted by Gregg

Food substitutions have long been a staple of any kind of dieting plan. But all too often it’s the wrong (and less healthy) kind of substituting (like trading out all-natural sugar for artificial sweeteners). That’s where this Rockstar Dieting Tip is different.

Rockstar Dieting Tip #6 — Use Fresh Fruit to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!
Craving a bowl of ice cream? Instead, cut fresh melon or watermelon into chunks, add a few whole grapes, put into a bowl and place the bowl in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you have a delicious “frozen-like” snack that won’t add any bulk to your thighs.

I know this trade-out might seem simple and perhaps even one you’ve heard of before. But trust me when I say that the preparation is key. This isn’t about just grabbing an apple or a banana. It’s about thinking ahead, buying fresh melon and grapes, cutting and preparing them and then taking a little time to lightly freeze it all. Taking these steps will ensure a treat-worthy experience that can truly rival the thrill your favorite bowl of ice cream brings you.

Of course, you can trade out other fresh fruits and/or mix in a few favorites along with the melon and grapes (depending on what’s fresh and what’s in season). And yes, some of you will have to adjust your taste buds (especially if the ice cream you’ve been enjoying contains a number of artificial ingredients). But trust me when I tell you that this tip really does work wonders — both for your taste buds as well as your thighs.

Treat. Eat. Sweet.

For my helpful tips on choosing and preparing watermelon, click here.

For a list of what fruits are freshest during which months of the year, click here.

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