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September 12, 2012

The big win

9:34 am - Posted by Gregg

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Athlete and activist Lance Armstrong has been in the news a lot lately – and not for reasons that he would prefer. By now, most of you likely know that Mr. Armstrong has announced that he’s giving up his fight against the United States Anti-Doping Agency in regard to his being accused of using performance-enhancing drugs during his years of competitive cycling. Mr. Armstrong continues to deny these charges, even as he’s decided to no longer fight them.

The rumors of Mr. Armstrong’s performance-enhancing drug use have been constant for a couple years now. And recent developments include Mr. Armstrong’s former teammate, Tyler Hamilton, coming out with a new book that details a “doping culture” that, according to Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Armstrong was a part of.

It’s during events like this that I’m reminded to look away from the scandal and, instead, look for the light. I find this to be a good philosophy for just about every life situation – including this one involving Mr. Armstrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be very petty and bitter. In fact, it’s those kind of mood busting behaviors that not only contributed to my one time weighing over 450 pounds, but also kept me there. After all, the more miserable I was, the more “excuses” I had to eat (not to mention excuses to adversely judge other people, whom I was sure were adversely judging me given my large size).

But I have learned over the years (both before, during and after I lost over 250 pounds of excess weight) that positive emotions (and takes on the world) serve us best. So when thinking about Mr. Armstrong, I choose to focus not on the rumors – and perhaps not even his (now questionable) athletic accomplishments.

Instead, I’ve decided to focus on how Mr. Armstrong used (and is using) his fame – to enlighten so many about cancer, cancer treatments and other health-related matters as well as to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and outreach services.

What’s more, offers everyone (including you and me) a personal guide to becoming a better, healthier person through all sorts of informative (and well researched) articles about Food & Drink, Sports & Recreation and even Skincare and Beauty. Categories of interest also include Diet & Nutrition, Diabetes, Weight Management, Nutrition Facts, Living Well, Family Health – and there’s even a Fitness Library. Mr. Armstrong has created an invaluable resource that can help us all in so many ways.

Wins and controversies aside, there’s no doubt that Mr. Armstrong has made life better for a countless number of people – including myself (even though I’ve never met him or interacted with him personally). And that’s something very positive, enlightening and inspirational for all of us to focus on (not to mention be motivated by).

So even if after reviewing the United States Anti-Dopoing Agency’s dossier the International Cycling Union decides to strip Mr. Armstrong of all of his titles and ban him from future competitions, in my book, he’ll always be a winner for his other efforts and successes. And these are accomplishments that can never be taken away.

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