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January 5, 2018

Good mornings

5:26 pm - Posted by Gregg

Looking for ways to make your mornings more productive? Check out this informative infographic from the folks at Business Insider. It’s chock full of nighttime and daytime tips for making sure you’re your best self. In her article “How Successful People Make The Most Of Their Mornings,” entrepreneur Linda Lacina writes, “It’s about creating a routine that works, that keeps you inspired and not just wired, about making you happier and satisfied.” You can check out her full piece by clicking here. But be sure to spend some time with the infographic below and start putting some of these suggestions to work. The morning you improve may be your own!

Photo Source: Business Insider

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12:35 pm - Posted by Gregg

No matter what the scale reflected (number-wise) this morning or how tight your clothes might feel today, you are kicking butt when it comes to reaching your goals. No need to beat yourself up if you recently experienced a slip, eating-wise. Or if you didn’t make it to the gym as often as you intended to last week. Today is a new day. And a new chance to reignite your momentum toward your goals.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, what hasn’t worked or why you feel “less than,” turn your thoughts to reasons you want to feel better, look better and be better. Imagine putting on a pair of jeans without worrying you’re going to cut off your circulation when you fasten them. Imagine enjoying a reasonable amount of food at a party without obsessing about eating before, during or after the occasion. Imagine walking past a mirror and not listing “10 things I hate about you.” Or imagine your doctor giving you news that your health is improving.

The more positive your mindset, the more reachable your goals become. Who cares if you’re on a bit of a slow boat? You’re on the boat. That’s what matters. Life is about the journey (as opposed to the destination) after all. So why not live life on the happy side today — reminding yourself that you’re well on your way to improving what’s already fantastic even in this moment: Amazing, beautiful, incredible YOU!

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6:36 pm - Posted by Gregg

Today is my #NewBook Weightless‘s official release date! And I’m thrilled and humbled to announce that I got a starred review from Library Journal, which is a pretty big deal according to my publisher. There are so many people who made this happen. Feeling so grateful for so much love and support (including from my blog family who has been so full of love and encouragement). Thank you! Here’s the review in case you’d like to take a peek:

(starred review) McBride, Gregg. Weightless: My Life as a Fat Man and How I Escaped. Central Recovery. 2014. 297p. ISBN 9789376126965. pap. $17.95. HEALTH
Film and TV producer/writer McBride (Just Stop Eating So Much!) relates his lifelong battle with weight, from 175 pounds at age eight to 464 at age 22, and now, back to 175 today. The author survived an abusive childhood by bingeing on sweets and snacks, eating until the physical pain from his full stomach overwhelmed any other emotion. As an adult he tried many diet programs without success, finally shedding the weight through exercise and proper nutrition, without gastric bypass. McBride is brutally honest about his struggles as he details his problems with self-esteem, shopping for clothes, dating, and the loose skin that remained after his weight loss. He eventually had surgery to remove the skin, and bluntly describes the pain and scarring associated with his recovery. The story is ultimately one of triumph, as ­McBride has maintained his current size for more than ten years. The last section includes his tips for losing fat, a few recipes, and a fascinating list of observations of the behaviors of slender vs. overweight people. VERDICT: Anyone who has lived with excess weight will appreciate this book. Teenagers and young adults in particular may identify with and benefit from McBride’s story.
­Rachel Owens, Daytona State Coll. Lib., FL

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12:36 pm - Posted by Gregg

This particular Rockstar Dieting Tip might elicit a number of groans or eye rolls. But I assure you it’s an essential strategy when wanting to win the battle of the bulge.

Rockstar Dieting Tip #5 — Workout first thing in the morning!
When you start your day with a workout, you’re assured not only that you’re going to get your workout in (and that nothing later in the day will get in its way), but you also get the added bonus of starting your work day with a huge sense of accomplishment — as well as the benefit of experiencing all the resulting endorphins that will ensure your mood is happy (perhaps even before that first cup of coffee). Yes, it can suck when the alarm rings at such an early hour. But the temporary (and momentary) “pain” is worth it when you consider the perks that come along with being among the first people at your gym (easier parking, no waiting for certain exercise-related equipment, etc.). You really do have nothing to lose from working out early — other than a few unwanted pounds or those love handles. So why not make the first part of your day one of the best parts of your day and workout before the sun rises?

Twenty minutes after my alarm rings (at 4:30am!), I am at the gym — every morning. I find that saving workouts for lunchtime or after work comes with too many interruptions and/or excuses as to why it can’t be done “that day.” By doing it first thing, it starts my day in a great way, gives mr a sense of accomplishment and reminds mr of the goals I’ve committed to.

If you need some tips on how to successfully wake up early, click here.

Getting up early might take some getting used to, but it will be worth the effort and you will feel a positive difference in your day (thanks to elevated mood and better fitting clothes) in a short time. The trick is to commit to getting up early and working out consistently. Once you get into the routine, you’ll wonder why you put off trying it for so long. And yes, I know there are some of you reading this who think I need to be locked up for suggesting such a thing. But this is one of the key components I use to keep those excess pounds off (over 250 excess pounds in my case).

So rise… And shine. Or, at least, rise! Your waistline (and mood) will thank you for it.

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June 4, 2012

Flower power

9:22 am - Posted by Gregg

Those of you who visit the Just Stop Eating So Much! facebook page know that on occasion I post pictures of flowers that I pass by when walking to or from the gym (when traveling on foot, first thing in the morning). I love being able to share the gorgeous plant life that’s often greeting me during my brief journey every morning.

These flowers have been good reminders to quite literally “Stop and smell the roses.” Although an old addage, this saying really is sage advice for those of us rushing around from sunup to sundown – trying to accomplish all of the tasks on our massive to-do lists. The fact is, no matter how busy we are, stopping to take in life’s beauty that is happening all around us isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

On occasion, while I am stopping, smelling and/or taking a picture of roses (or other rewarding sights for overtaxed brains), I’ll see a dog walker staring at me in disbelief. Perhaps they’re wondering who that guy is that’s pulled out his cell phone to take a picture of a flower – or wondering why he’s sniffing someone else’s roses. Well, the answer is simple: I’m taking in all the gifts around me, because that’s how I choose to live my days (no matter how hurried, no matter how busy).

Even when the roses aren’t in bloom, I’m able to gleen something from them. When the roses are dormant or just in bud stage, I’m reminded that goals aren’t always accomplished overnight. I can liken these stages to my health and fitness goals, my career goals or even my goals having to do with personal relationships. Nothing this beautiful necessarily happens in an instant. The roses I pass when walking to and from the gym take their time to grow and to bloom. And then, when they’re ready (really ready), they burst forward with all the beauty, positivity and life affirmation that one flower can offer. I’m reminded when seeing them (in all stages) that I can accomplish anything in time and with hard (and joyful) work.

One recent morning when walking home from the gym, I found some bonus beauty waiting to be discovered. As I passed a sidewalk near my home, I noticed some rose petals strewn about. At first glance, they just seemed to be in random order. But when I stopped to take a better look, I realized that someone had taken the time to spell out “I Love You” (in a manner of speaking). I couldn’t believe this beautiful message was waiting there just for me. Sure, someone had written it out for someone else. But rather than gather it up, they left it for others to discover. And not even early morning breezes had scattered the petals or erased the message. There it was for me to see – a big, beautiful sign from the universe that life can always be good (no matter what else is going on at the time).

Even as I marveled at this rose petal message (and took a picture of it to share with you), others passed by, not noticing and not giving it a second glance. I almost felt sorry for them, knowing that they were missing out on some everyday beauty that was available for anyone and everyone to discover, enjoy and be inspired by.

So no matter what’s going on with you, I invite you to borrow this tried and true “Stop and smell the roses” philosophy for yourself. And remember that in order to actually stop and smell the roses, you first need to notice them. Even though you’ve ‘got to’ send that text, check that email or make that call, take some time to just be in your own head whenever you’re walking to or from your next destination. You just might be surprised what wonderful, beautiful and (sometimes) top secret message the universe has in store for you.

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