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10:29 am - Posted by Gregg

So often, when it comes to dieting and losing weight, we focus on what we put into our mouths. But what about what we’re putting into our minds? Just as manmade substances like Trans Fat can pollute (and, in effect, poison) our system, other manmade elements can potentially poison our thoughts. In fact, I’m convinced that what we populate our psyche with has a direct effect on our lives – not to mention has an effect on our overall goals (be they weight loss related or otherwise).

Faithful readers of this blog know that this is a theme I revisit from time to time. And that’s because I admit to being a ‘work in progress’ myself – and a recurring lesson I seem to be receiving is ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ And this is proving to be as true mentally (when watching, reading or talking about the garbage that pollutes our minds and, therefore, corrupts our positive outlook) as it is physically (when eating garbage that then effects our bodies in negative ways).

This really hit home recently when I caught a new promo spot for ABC Television’s “The Bachelor.” In order to entice their audience to tune into the new season, they “tease” viewers with a contestant who is having a mental breakdown in front of the camera. Now, whether said contestant is ‘putting on an act’ or really in need of some therapy is beside the point. The fact is, the network is promising us a train wreck and tempting us to watch it ‘crash’ before our eyes.

Someone even posted a video on YouTube making fun of this commercial. The poster’s narrative is quite amusing (and telling). (Note that this is not me making the commentary.) Check “The Bachelor” promo out here, if you dare:

How can it be ‘good’ for us to view such garbage? And how can we do so without it affecting the way we live our lives? Even if we’re “just” discussing the outlandishness of the contestants (no matter which show they’re appearing on), by doing so we’re becoming part of the circle of negativity. And this kind of negative judgment and gossip puts us in a sour state of mind that can then affect every other decision we make throughout the day (not to mention affect how we meet, connect with and judge other people we come into contact with).

This is not a new theory. It’s one discussed by several noted self-help authors and spiritual leaders. Yet even as these experts make their point with grace and knowledge, the spate of negative ‘reality’ shows seems to only be increasing – to the point of promoting themselves by promising the mental breakdown of contestants. And like it or not, we are the ones responsible for these shows, because if we weren’t tuning in, they wouldn’t be returning again and again.

So I ask you (and me) to think about the kind of images and media we’re “feeding” our brain. I truly believe that when setting out to accomplish the goals of excess weight loss and a healthier body (or any positive, life changing goal) that ‘poisoning’ our brain can negatively affect the result.

Next time you’re tempted to get down into the garbage (even with the excuse that it only serves as a distraction), think about reading a passage in an uplifting book instead. Or maybe working in the garden (even if your particular ‘garden’ is just a few flower pots around your studio apartment). Or maybe write a letter to yourself that reaffirms your goals and builds up your self-esteem. Or call a friend who needs their spirits lifted. Or volunteer. Or… Well, you get the idea.

Again, I’m right there with you in being tempted by these kinds of poison. But together, we can look toward things that lift us, rather than tempt us to sink to the lower levels of the human condition. After all, ‘What you see is what you’ll be.’

Let’s be better in 2012.

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