January 15, 2014

Warming up your mood

Are you or is someone you know suffering from the post holiday blues? These days it seems lots of people are complaining about the weather, holiday shopping bills, their weight or a number of other stresses. But we don’t have to get caught up in these “Winter Blues” ourselves.

No matter where you’re living, cooler weather (however you define it) can take its mental toll. But there are things we can do to cheer ourselves up and keep our attitudes in a positive mode. After all, the better our attitude, the better we do in all areas of our life – including our continual efforts to Just Stop Eating So Much! So next time Old Man Winter is nagging at you, try some of these tried and proven methods to chase the Winter Blues away:

Work it out!
There are no excuses when it comes to exercise. Even if you’re at your goal weight, working out helps your metabolism, your immune system and your state of mind with endorphins that actually increase your good feelings. There’s always something you can do – even in “lousy” weather. For those of you who have a copy handy, my book, Just Stop Eating So Much!, features a complete exercise program you can do at home (no gym necessary ) on page 67. Or for a list of the ‘Top 10 Indoor Exercises for Winter’: Click Here

Picture this!
Finally tackle that task of organizing the family photos. I don’t mean just the ones from this past holiday season. I’m talking about the ones you’ve been keeping in shoeboxes for years. Sure, it’s a big task and might take days to accomplish. But “accomplish” is the key word. By making albums (digital or otherwise) for yourself (and maybe even friends and family members) you’ll feel like you’re really accomplishing something and that will really motivate you in other areas of your life as well. For some helpful tips on organizing photos:Click Here

Rediscover the great outdoors!
Even if there’s tons of snow on the ground, you can still get outside for a quick (if slushy) walk around the block. The fresh air is good for you – even in small, blustery doses. Plus, the change of scenery (from inside to outside) does a lot for our mental well-being. For a guide to preparing for and enjoying winter weather walks: Click Here

Sleep tight!
Believe it or not, it’s not always lethargy that leaves us feeling anxious and depressed. It’s important to get plenty of rest during the winter months. When you’re overtired, you’re overwhelmed. And sleeping late one day does not make up for sleep lost during the rest of the week. So make sure to get all the sleep you need – every night of the week. For some ideas on how to get a better night’s rest: Click Here

Laugh it up!
Change your mood instantly with a funny book or DVD. There are lots of great TV shows on DVD or via online streaming services that allow you to check out several episodes all at once. For Reader’s Digest’s list of the Best Sitcoms Ever: Click Here

There are also some amusing books that can “take you away from it all” and can tickle your funny bone at the same time. To check out a list of what some consider to be very funny books: Click Here

Photo Source: ZME Science

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2 Responses to “Warming up your mood”

  1. Sarah says:

    Great advice. I am totally getting over the ‘holiday disruption’ and desperately trying to lose the holiday weight. I like your note about family photos – I JUST got a Groupon for a photo scanning service (I literally just inherited 60+ years of family photographs after my aunt passed) and was too daunted to scan them myself (it would have taken months). So I am feeling pretty accomplished just for outsourcing that ! LOL

  2. Gregg says:

    Outsourcing is definitely the way to go sometimes, Sarah… Except when it comes to dieting, of course! (Nice work in, Gregg!) Hey, btw, for those of you that don’t know, Sarah’s blog is one of my new favorites and should absolutely be checked out frequently (and no, she did not pay me for this endorsement!):

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