Although the weather outside is getting colder, wetter — or both — there’s no excuse for not staying dedicated to your workout routines…especially during the holiday season when we’re all likely eating a little more than usual! And that means continuing your exercise program during winter months. Thankfully, the onset of winter doesn’t have to mean giving up the healthy habits you developed during warmer months. Here are a few ideas to keep you moving:

Like walking around the park? When winter hits, try walking around the mall instead. And this doesn’t mean while shopping. This means proper posture, arms pumping, heart pounding and you walking steadily past your favorite shops – rounding the first, second and even third floors – then starting all over again. And bonus for you if you take stairs to the different floors of the mall, rather than the escalators. Call your local mall to find out if they offer “Walkers hours” (meaning you’re able to access the interior of the mall before the stores even open up).

Like riding your bike? Consider investing in an indoor stationary bicycle (or perhaps asking Santa for one). Indoor exercise bikes can be a great investment and offer a great way to watch TV (but again, mind your posture and your pace to keep burning those calories). But beware of “The Curse of the Indoor Bike,” which often results in them becoming ‘clothes hangers’ or ‘towel dryers’ rather than exercise machines.

Like your lunchtime workouts? Try walking the halls of your office building during lunch – all of them. Or perhaps walk up and down your building’s stairways – adding more and more reps as the winter months progress. By the time warmer weather rolls around, you just might be ready for a marathon.

Like running errands? All movement is good. This means vacuuming your house can burn a few calories. As can doing sit-ups during commercials or shoveling snow after a big meal.Any exercise is good exercise – even if you just have 10 minutes to spare. In other words: stay active!

The beauty of exercise (indoor or out) is that it not only turns us into super hot things of beauty, it also reduces our risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers, diabetes and even osteoporosis. So remember: There’s no excuse for not working out – no matter what the thermometer says.

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