October 30, 2011

Zombie a-go-go

Halloween seems like an appropriate time to let you know that I often compare myself to a Zombie. And not because I’m on a constant quest for “Brains… Brains…” – although certainly some might argue that a mission like that would be appropriate for moi. But no… For me, the ‘Zombie Comparison’ comes from my commitment to constantly moving – and often stumbling – forward, no matter what odds or circumstances I’m facing.

Picture, if you will, a Zombie in a field, stumbling toward its goal, one bumbling step at a time. Although this Zombie might be missing a limb or two or is even if being shot at, it just keeps on going. Kind of like The Energizer Bunny – although with more blood and guts. Still, there’s something to be admired about the Zombie’s drive. And that’s why I often liken myself to one of these creatures (even if it’s not All Hallow’s Eve).

Believe it or not, this comparison can be especially helpful if one has excess weight to lose. It’s tough to stay committed to one’s healthy eating regimen for a whole week only to step on the scale and see that you’ve “only” taken off 1/2 pound. Similarly, it’s sometimes tough to walk out the front door when you’re heavy, knowing that the world sees you as you are – and can likely figure out what one of your addictions is. (“Food… Food…”) To say nothing of walking by an Ice Cream Parlor and having to “Just say no” and keep on moving in the direction you’d originally intended.

And speaking of food, what happens if we accidentally fall off the wagon and end up consuming more than our fair share of fattening treats, only to feel tricked and overfull and then bloated the next morning (not to mention then being confronted with pants that refuse to fasten and/or zip up).

Again, this can all be compared to the life of a Zombie. After all, it’s not any easier to be a dieter than it is to be a Zombie. Think about it… Neither totally knows exactly what he or she is doing. And yet that Zombie just continues to stumble forward, sure that his or her goal will be worth it. And this is something we can definitely take a cue from – whether wanting to reach our goal weight or wanting to accomplish another goal in life.

Just as a Zombie is committed to stumbling forward and reaching those brains – even when being shot at, attacked or even pulled apart, torn limb from limb – we can do the same when facing our goal. Sure, we don’t always know what obstacles lie ahead of us (a tempting food commercial, a ‘friend’ who unknowingly sabotages our dieting efforts, a sale on candy the day after Halloween, etc.). But no matter what knocks us down, we have the option of considering it to be a temporary thing and then getting back up and recommitting to stumbling toward our goal. Because eventually – even when stumbling, as long as we’re moving forward – we’re going to reach our goal.

So this Halloween, whenever you happen to see a Zombie on TV, in a movie or at a costume party, take a moment to acknowledge that you have something in common with the walking dead. Of course, if you happen to see a real zombie, run (don’t stumble) the other way. After all, we need all of the brains that we can hold onto. Besides, the run will potentially do your heart some good.

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8 Responses to “Zombie a-go-go”

  1. Eve says:

    This is the best metaphor anyone has ever come up with! Seriously. Finally, my bizarre love of zombie movies can be explained away as me watching motivational videos. I am a zombie, I am a zombie. Just watch me chanting this to myself in the grocery store, as I drive past tempting restaurants, etc. I’m going to be a thin zombie.

  2. Gregg says:

    Heck yeah, Evester! THIN ZOMBIES! Less brains, more sex appeal. Holla! LOL!

  3. SusanK says:

    Love this article. What a great comparison and also a comfort (in a sick sort of way).

  4. Gregg says:

    As Homer Simpson might say, “It’s funny cause it’s true!” Right, Susan? LOL! (Thanks for your comment!)

  5. Terri says:

    Good stuff. I pigged out tonight… but only after hiking 6 miles with marty. What’s wrong with me??? Oh, and I have decided to TRY and give up starbucks…more will be revealed!

  6. Gregg says:

    Oh, Terri… I feel for you. Is it possible that you’re going through an “All or nothing” syndrome? If you’re thinking “I can’t ever have this food” that can sometimes lead to overindulging (AKA pigging out). Ultimately, we need to find a way to live with food — which can include treats every now and then (but not daily). Watch thin people. Observe how they eat. They might have a cookie every day. But note that it’s one cookie. If you absolutely must have junk food, maybe choose one meal a week. Make it a reasonable meal — no portions for two (or twenty) and keep up with the exercise. You have made so much progress. You’re working to establish balance. Yes, it takes work. And yes, it can be tough. But don’t stop trying. You are amazing and your success inspires me!

  7. Sharon says:

    Ok…appparently you wrote this for me. How’d you know that I cheated this weekend?? LOL I was trying to be a good ghoul…but not enough willpower. I gave in to some tootsie rolls….and a Chimichanga from Carlos O’Kelly’s(I took off the sour cream…like that will make a big difference after sucking down the chimichanga)……Oh man…come hither my little horsey…let me get back up on ya’…..Hopped back on the little horsey today. Man, I woke up this morning and I felt like a tick!! I was retaining soooo much water..ugh. But by the end of my day, my wedding ring actually was fitting me comfortably. AND I was not mad at my dryer anymore for “shrinking” my pants. Oh nooooo…it wasn’t the chimi…it was the dryer…Yeah right Sharon. LOL I went to the Nebraska Cornhuskers/Michigan game on Saturday…and I was a good girl!! I drank water…while people around me were eating pizza and drinking their sodas. The guy next to me asked me if I wanted his spare piece of pizza(my weakness), and I said no thank you!!! NO THANK YOU??!!! In the past I would have tackled him like a blood thirsty vampire….but I didn’t. Cuz I gots manners…lol!! Cuz, that would be wrong…right? Before, I would be like looking at somebody…saying to myself..”ooooo….they’re slowin’ down…I think they are gettin’ fulll….(as I sing to myself)….WHAT? Do I want your pizza?…well….are ya’ sure? ….Well ok..” Maybe it was the annoying drooling that might have caught their eye…can’t be sure. That was then…this is now…so here I am again with my jeans on that the dryer shrunk…Ok..maybe not really…Just sick of feeling like a tick. :o) Focus Sharon!! Focus!!! I thought about buying a cool pair of jeans that are smaller than what I wear now (18)…and that would be my “motivation”…but I don’t know if that would hurt or help? Comments…suggestions…?

  8. Gregg says:

    First off, love the confession — and all the Halloween analogies. You are obviously a creative gal, Sharon (besides just in the kitchen with those cakes you create). As for falling off the wagon (or horse or salad bar or…), it happens to the best of us. The trick is to GET BACK ON (the whatever) and make it through another day. Which you have done. Drink water, rinse yourself clean and keep focused on the real goal — to look good and feel good, health-wise. And yes, buying a pair of jeans can be a great motivator. You don’t even have to buy them. Maybe cut out a picture of the jeans (or print it out) and hand the pic (or print out) in a place you’ll see it often (the fridge perhaps). Then, every time you see it, you’re reminded of what you REALLY want — along with the shopping spree you’ll take when you reach the next interim goal. While I was taking off the excess weight, I kept a self-made scrapbook full of cutouts and images that represented the real reasons I wanted to lose weight. Anytime I felt like fattening food was going to seduce me (and yes, I do mean SEDUCE!), I would get the book out and thumb through it, being reminded of what my real goals were (and are). We are in this with you, Sharon. Keep at it! Step by step, baby. YOU CAN DO IT!

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